9 Quick Tips to Prepare for Holiday Guests

prepare-for-holiday-guestsLet’s face it – we all experience some level of stress around this time of year. Decorating, shopping, cooking, traveling… no wonder you’re frazzled!

And if you’re planning on entertaining family and friends in the coming weeks, you’re probably even MORE stressed trying to get your home not just clean and tidy, but warm and welcoming as well. (Luckily, we’ve got you covered with making your home cozy year-round.)

Worried you’ll forget something important? Here are some quick tips on how to whip your home into shape and prepare for holiday guests:

1. Remove unnecessary furniture to create a more spacious environment

This is a crucial one – especially if you’re expecting lots of guests.

Even if you’re only having a few people over, why not open up the main rooms to allow for some more breathing room?

2. Ask your kids to clean their rooms well in advance.

You know, just to ward off that all too familiar “in a minute!” phrase an hour before your guests arrive. And once that’s done, they’re free to help you…

3. Clean the “public” areas.

Instead of attempting to scrub the house from top to bottom, focus your cleaning efforts on where your guests will be, like the dining room, living room, main bathroom, etc.

4. Make your overnight guests feel at home.

Whether you have family or friends in guestroom(s) or crashing on the couch, it’s important to make those who are staying overnight as comfortable as possible.

Besides providing sheets and other bedding, set out some towels and toiletries for your house guests. You can even go the extra mile with setting out some other bedside items, like fresh flowers, socks or slippers, an alarm clock, etc. Keep in mind that the little touches always seem to be the ones your guests appreciate the most.

5. Stock and de-clutter your kitchen.

Nothing brings people closer together than food!

If you’re cooking for a large group of people, make it easier on yourself by ensuring you have everything you need clean and organized well in advance.

Don’t forget to find out if any of your guests have food allergies or dietary restrictions!

6. Put out games, books, toys, and/or movies to entertain kids.

Expecting any younger visitors? Offer guests with children games, books, toys, or movies to help keep them occupied, and this just may prevent the “I’m booored…” pout. (No promises, however.)

7. Skittish or unfriendly pets? Keep them away from the commotion.

Fluffy may have a cute name, but that doesn’t mean you can expect her to be an absolute angel 100% of the time…

Avoid worrying or having to constantly monitor your pets’ behavior by setting up “camp” in a separate room or area AWAY from the festivities to ensure your pets and guests are happy and safe.

8. Just before guests arrive, set out drinks and appetizers.

This tip not only makes everyone feel welcome from the moment they arrive, but also allows you to mingle instead of rushing to the kitchen every five minutes to grab drinks for guests.

9. Above all… relax and enjoy yourself!

Try to remember it’s not only unlikely you’ll have time to make every single thing immaculate, but that none of your guests are expecting perfection either. They’ll just be happy to see you and will appreciate your generosity and graciousness.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

*On behalf of the entire Pronto Team, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!*