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Signs You Live In MinnesotaAdmit it, those dreaded Minnesota stereotypes get old real fast.

Just try having a conversation with someone out of state. Once you drop that you’re from the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” there’s about a 90% chance questions or comments about the Mall of America, Jesse Ventura, the movie and/or TV show “Fargo,” and Canada will surface. (Seriously, why does everyone assume we’re within walking distance of the Canadian border?!)

And forget the “Minnesota nice” stereotype – we’re more like “Minnesota TOUGH” to endure our hellacious winters. (Luckily, we’re experts on how to create a cozy home environment.)

To pay proper homage to our tough residents, we’ve lovingly put together some winter-themed signs you live in Minnesota, which are dead giveaways about where we reside: 

1. When you buy clothes, you look specifically for anything with fleece lining. [Click to Tweet]

2. You refer to the coldest days of the year as “boots with the fur” days[Click to Tweet]

3. All of your co-workers “ooh” and “aah” over the new remote car starter you got for Christmas. [Click to Tweet]

4. You have neighbors that you refer to as “snow birds”… [Click to Tweet]

5. Every time you hear an ambulance you think it’s probably another kid with their tongue stuck to a light pole. [Click to Tweet]

6. You’re determined not to make more than one trip when unloading 10 grocery bags from the car. [Click to Tweet]

7. A high of 8° feels like a heat wave in January[Click to Tweet]

8. You purchase a tanning membership to get some sort of sun rays[Click to Tweet]

9. You have to switch your shoes and strip down three layers when you get to the gym[Click to Tweet]

10. School cancellations can occur for extremely snowy conditions OR frigid temperatures. [Click to Tweet]

11. You have to wake up at least an hour early to shovel/snow blow your driveway. [Click to Tweet]

12. Ice fishing is the only way you know how to fish[Click to Tweet]

13. You hang up the phone when talking to someone out of state for complaining about their 20° cold spell. [Click to Tweet]

14. Two words: Hockey. Season. [Click to Tweet]

15. You use the cold weather as an excuse to gorge on hotdish recipes.  [Click to Tweet]

Fellow Minnesootans, what else would you add to the list?


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