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pronto is owned and operated by us: wad and greg

Our family, the Sedgwick’s, has been serving our neighbors for over 56 years. Having grown up in the HVAC business, we learned a whole lot. So, when it came time to build a new company, we had lots of experience and a bunch of new ideas.

Our new ideas don’t overrule our old-fashioned sentiment though. We make it simple, we do the job right, we’re reliable, and we don’t just do our jobs and leave. We make sure you’re happy, and if you’re not, we do what we can to change that.

We have a guarantee. Well, actually, you have a guarantee.

Our guarantee lasts for an entire year. That is the longest promise of happiness in the industry. Just one more proof point that our mission is to make you comfortable.

pronto guarantee


WE BELIEVE in owning 100% of the risk. That’s why we include ZERO RISK, written, money-back, satisfaction guarantees for everyone.

WE BELIEVE cutting corners to make something cheaper ultimately costs everyone valuable time and even more money.

WE BELIEVE you should be able to receive awesome, no-hassle service EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE YEAR. No exceptions.

WE BELIEVE in listening to you so we fully understand your needs.

WE BELIEVE in offering customized, relevant solutions to meet your needs.

WE BELIEVE our solutions should be affordable.

WE BELIEVE in helping you Save Money.

WE BELIEVE in Perfect Comfort.

WE BELIEVE in Better Health.

WE BELIEVE in Reducing Noise.

WE BELIEVE in Convenience.

WE BELIEVE your Peace of Mind is of high importance.

WE BELIEVE in Safety.

WE BELIEVE in treating our employees well so they feel great about treating you well.

WE BELIEVE the best thing we do, is what we do for you!

HVAC systems are complicated, but we’ll make it seem simple.

We will clearly explain what you need to accomplish your comfort goals and we promise to make the pricing
understable. There will be no shell games or switcharoos. Our goal is to make you comfortable in every way.

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Your estimate. Everything’s covered. You won’t be waylaid later.

We confirm our arrival the day before.

City permits. We get them for you.

Staging. We organize all new equipment and materials in our warehouse first, to expedite the process at your house.

Installation day. Our installation crew will arrive between 7 and 7:30AM. First, they’ll review your job order with you and answer any questions.

Delivery. Our shipping guys will arrive between 8 and 9, carefully bringing in your new equipment and hauling out the old.

The installation. It usually takes about eight hours. Pronto install techs will custom build new sheet-metal fittings, run new PVC vent pipes from the furnace outside, run new refrigeration lines, run new gas pipe to the furnace, run new electrical wiring to the furnace, AC & thermostat, install new drain lines for the furnace, AC, & humidifier.

Back at the office, we record model and serial numbers, warranties and service schedules to make service faster later. We also do the rebate paperwork so you don’t have to.

Clean up. We’ll vacuum, sweep and wipe down the unit. Then your technician will introduce you to your new system. We’ll teach you the thermostat, how to change filters and discuss maintenance.

A very short customer satisfaction survey. Our owners, Wade and Greg, will actually read it.

Within 10 days, you’ll get paperwork in the mail, including your final invoice and utility rebate forms. They’ll only need your signature. We even address the envelope.

Within two weeks of installation, we’ll call to check in and to arrange city and state inspections.

Maintenance. That’s what keeps your high-efficiency system highly efficient. We’ll make it very easy. One way is our Filter Club. Your filters show up at your door, no remembering required.

Our work is only as good as our people. By the way–we have the best people.

Although our products are top-quality, we understand that it’s our people that give you a good or a bad experience. This is why we show up on time and wear plastic booties to keep your home clean. Please don’t make fun of our booties.

Wade has a long family history in heating and cooling plus an MBA from the University of St. Thomas. He and his brother Greg started Pronto in 2008 and are very proud of its success. He’s charismatic, determined, energetic, focused, goal-oriented, and a popular leader. He’d also like to point out that he’s humble too.

GREG SEDGWICK – Vice President
His grandfather & father were in the Heating & Air Conditioning business, and now Greg has 20 years experience of his own. Greg started Pronto with his brother Wade and now teaches our technicians and sales and design advisors everything he knows. He’s also been known to crank his music all the way to 11.

We service all brands and install the following

We can get you comfortable in a way that will make you comfortable.

While a new high-efficiency heating or cooling system will pay for itself over time, at Pronto, we want to make it convenient from the start. We strive to be flexible.

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. (Sorry, nobody takes Dayton’s anymore). We just need to run authorization before starting work. We accept personal and cashier’s checks. Just hand it to your technician when the job is done. We also offer very convenient, very attractive financing options.