4 Quick Tips to Relieve Dry Winter Skin

Dry Winter SkinFor most of us here in the Twin Cities, winter means hockey season, ice fishing and getting out our snow boots.

But winter also brings a lack of moisture to the air both inside and out, and that means dry, itchy and irritated skin…

While turning down your thermostat a notch might help, here are some quick tips to help relieve dry winter skin and keep you moisturized until spring:

1. Skip the hot shower.

Although soothing, standing underneath the hot water will actually remove the protective, natural oils that your skin works hard to produce. Consider taking shorter, warmer showers during the winter, allowing your skin to maintain and benefit from its own natural oils.

2. Moisturize smart.

Many lotions contain harsh chemicals which can lead to further dryness. Consider applying small amounts of extra-virgin olive oil or pure coconut oil to arms and legs, even before you get out of the shower. This sensible layer of moisture will protect your skin all day.

3. Use a humidifier.

There are many types of humidifiers on the market, but they all provide one essential benefit: humidity. While an inexpensive drug store model may seem to do the trick, consider investing in a whole-home humidifier to eliminate dryness throughout your entire home.

4. Drink PLENTY of water.

Having a well hydrated body will do wonders for your skin. Simply adding an extra 8 ounces of water to your daily routine is another easy way to help your skin get through the long winter months. Drink up!

We’re on the home stretch, but spring is not here just yet. Hang in there with these quick tips to relieve dry skin, and your skin will be so grateful!