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4 Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips to Help You Save Money This SummerWhen the weather starts to get warm, it’s easy to crank up the AC without much thought.

Before you know it, however, you’ll start seeing the effect this has on your wallet. Many homes see their electricity costs rise significantly in the summer months due to high air conditioning use. You can be more energy efficient by utilizing your AC in better ways.

Use these air conditioner efficiency tips to make the most of your system this year without paying the price:

1. Keep your thermostat temperature at a reasonable level.

Don’t set your thermostat to a very low temperature in the summer. This won’t cool down your home any faster and will eventually leave you feeling too cold. Try to keep the temperature to 5-10 degrees colder than the outside temperature, and maybe a little cooler on hotter days.

2. Turn off or raise the temperature when you’re not at home.

When you’re about to leave your house, turn the AC off. Unless you have pets at home, you don’t need to have the air conditioning running all day while you’re at work, as this will add extra costs to your energy bill. Sure, the feeling of walking into an air-conditioned house after a long hot day can be refreshing. However, dealing with the heat for a little while once you get home is worth the savings you’ll see.

3. Keep air circulating with fans around the house.

Instead of continuously turning the temperature down to cool off, focus on circulating air around the house. Adding some fans around the house can be a great way to keep the cool air flowing. Ceiling fans are a nice addition to any home, but cheaper standing fans will do just as well.

4. Maintain your AC unit.

When your AC stops running, it can cost a lot to fix and leave your home feeling uncomfortably hot for days. Another way to be more cost-efficient with your air conditioning is to maintain it regularly. Just like a car or any other mechanical system, your air conditioning unit needs regular tune-ups to function properly. Make sure to replace the filters when they get dirty, and hire a professional to conduct a 21-Point AC Tune-Up about once a year. This will save you money and time spent in the long run.

5. Humidity

High humidity can make 75 degrees feel like 80. Many newer AC units can run at a low speed specifically to remove humidity. Also, a furnace with enhanced summertime humidity control can help lower your cooling costs because you don’t have to have the thermostat set as low to feel comfortable. This results in your AC not running as often which can extend its life and save you money on utility costs.

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