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Home Humidifier This WinterWe know what you’re thinking: “I need a humidifier right now because…?

Unfortunately, there’s still a few more months of winter woes and bitter cold temperatures on the horizon.

(We could say that it’s just the “tip of the iceberg,” but we figured you’re probably hearing enough dad jokes over the holidays… You’re welcome.)

But let’s face it – winter’s dry air doesn’t exactly do your body a lot of favors. And while most of us don’t have the luxury of retreating south for the winter, a humidifier can help combat the effects this cold season has on your health AND home. Here are some benefits of humidifiers you should consider:

1. Soothe dry skin

Obviously, this is one most of us experience during colder seasons. A humidifier can significantly improve the health of your skin by adding much needed moisture back into the air of your home.

2. Ward off congestion, sinusitis and other viral illnesses

As humidity decreases, your likelihood of getting a cold, sore throat, the flu, or another respiratory illness increases, since these ailments thrive under low humidity conditions.

Dry air can also aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms, and even cause nosebleeds. Humidifiers can help moisten nasal passages, with some models designed specifically to help purify the air.

3. Alleviate snoring

Yes, you read that right.

A humidifier can actually improve that throaty, chainsaw-like snoring you and/or your partner experience.


Well, the drier your throat is, the more that oh-so charming sound intensifies. Think of a humidifier as a “muffler,” since it keeps the throat from drying out, thus reducing the decibel level of you or your companion.

So while purchasing a humidifier won’t necessarily cure the snoring, it can definitely help alleviate those loud sound effects.

4. Prevent home damage

We already know the damage winter can cause to your plumbing, but what about other parts of your home?

Consider doing a quick inspection in each room – do you notice any dried out, warped or cracked woodwork?

Even if you don’t, a humidifier can actually prevent the ill effects of dry air from damaging hardwood floors, walls, antique furniture, or other woodwork in the future.

Low humidity can also cause damage to other household items, such as electronics. Devices can become susceptible to static electric charges if the humidity levels are too low, which can result in costly damage.

Note: Always consult with owner’s manuals or call the manufacturer directly if you’re unsure on optimal humidity levels for electronics.

5. Save money on energy bills

Did you know that low humidity can make you feel colder, leading you to crank up the thermostat more frequently?

By increasing the humidity level throughout your home, you can actually save money on heating costs WITHOUT sacrificing your comfort in the process.

Above all, remember that a humidifier isn’t just an investment for your health – it’s also an investment for your home!



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