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The cold winter months are nearly upon us, along with the added expenses of the holiday season. Luckily, cutting back on energy use is a guaranteed way of keeping a portion of your hard-earned money in your wallet.

So before the weather becomes super arctic (we all know it’s coming) and you feel like cranking up the heat, consider these five home and thermostat energy saving tips to help you reduce utility costs this season:

1. Adjust thermostat temperature

Keep the thermostat set below 70-degrees during the day and at 65 degrees at night or when your away. This approach could save you up to (or over) 10 percent on heating costs. If you’re chilly and contemplating turning the heat above 70 degrees, consider installing an Aprilaire humidifier. Homes with proper humidity levels feel 3-4 degrees warmer than a dry homes. (Cozy sweaters and blankets, and hot chocolate work too!)

2. Schedule regular furnace maintenance

Be sure to replace your furnace filters regularly, and consider a furnace tune-up to get your system in shape. A well-maintained, clean furnace can not only improve their air within your home, but also reduce energy use and save the owner money, as well as possible repair expenses that may occur in the future.

3. Give your thermostat some breathing room

Arrange furniture in your home away from the thermostat and be sure the thermostat is in a convenient location, out of direct sunlight, and set in a place with natural air movement. All of this will allow your thermostat to function properly and give accurate readings, while simultaneously ensuring that your furnace is cycling at the correct times. The performance of your thermostat has a high effect on some of the key appliances in your home, and ensuring its proper use can save you time and money this winter.

4. Upgrade older equipment

Is your HVAC system over 15 years old? Older appliances, such as a furnace or even a water heater, are almost always to blame for your increasing utility bills. Appliances have come a long ways technologically in the past decade, and newer models often reduce your annual utility bills by 40-45%.

5. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Turning the thermostat off while away from home, or lowering the temperature overnight, may add to additional savings. will add to additional savings. One simple way this can be accomplished is by having a programmable WiFi thermostat installed, which will allow you to set automatic schedules for when to increase or decrease the temperature in your home, and also allow you to control the settings on-the-fly from your cell phone!

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