Featured Project: Furnace and AC Replacement in Woodbury, MN

This customer was new to his home and wanted to update his furnace and AC system to improve energy efficiency, comfort and air quality. He also thought his old system was too loud and hated the thermostat, so getting something quieter and more convenient to operate was important.

Pronto’s Home Solutions Advisor, Kurt, met with the homeowner on July 14th to go over the projects and discuss their options. Kurt ended up recommending the same Bryant Evolution system he had installed in his own home in 2014.

Here is a summary of the new system components and why they were installed for this furnace and AC replacement in Woodbury, MN:

1. Furnace

Woodbury Furnace - Before Woodbury Furnace - After

We replaced a 92% single stage furnace with a Bryant Evolution 987 Modulating Variable Speed Fully Communicating Furnace.

Properly installed, the 987 will deliver the most even temperatures optimizing home comfort. It’s also the quietest furnace on the market!

2. Air Conditioner

Woodbury AC - Before Woodbury AC - After

The customer’s AC was only six years old, but it was older technology that wasn’t cooling the house effectively. As such, we installed the Bryant Evolution 187B Two-Stage AC with matching indoor Cased AC Coil. We also set the AC on a new fiberglass AC pad and installed new refrigeration lines with a new UV cover to prevent the insulation from deteriorating.

The Bryant 187B Two-Stage AC is designed to save money via low electric consumption AND provide superior dehumidification without overcooling. Bonus: It’s also ultra-quiet. (Shhhh!)

3. Thermostat-Zoning

We replaced all the thermostats, zone dampers and zone control panel in the home with Bryant’s exclusive Evolution Modulating Zone system, which includes the communicating Bryant Evolution Connex Control with WiFi.

This state-of-the-art technology manages air flow perfectly to balance comfort and energy consumption.

4. Air Purifier

This customer took a monumental leap toward better indoor air quality by installing the Bryant Perfect Air Purifier.

The MERV 15 Perfect Air is awesome for allergy relief, but it also traps and kills viruses, mold and bacteria to help prevent the likelihood of contracting colds and other airborne illnesses.

5. Humidifier

We replaced the humidifier with a Bryant Automatic bypass model and replaced the bypass pipe with a new aluminum pipe.

This humidifier detects the outdoor temperature and regulates the humidity level automatically to prevent window condensation. (Talk about convenience!)

Installation Details

This was a tricky installation because we had to run the PVC vent pipes through the backside of the garage roof.

Fortunately this is a fairly common practice for us at Pronto, so we were able to execute it without a hitch!

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