Home Safety Tips Every Family Should Follow: Cooking with Crawling Toddlers

Home Safety Tips Every Family Should Follow: Cooking with Crawling ToddlersAnyone who’s been a parent for more than 20 minutes can testify that performing previously simple household tasks become more complicated and accident-prone when you have little ones to watch as well. (Yet another reason to always have first aid and emergency kits on-hand!)

Kids are inquisitive, eager to learn, and they love to help! While these are great qualities that will help them learn, their curiosity can also present a serious level of risk, particularly in the kitchen.

After all, kids move quickly. They’re unpredictable. Their pretense to touch things, push buttons and put things in their mouth can make cooking a meal not only difficult, but dangerous!

Whether you cook on an electric stove top or flambé succulent dishes over the open flame of your gas stove, the following home safety tips may help prevent a kitchen disaster from occurring.

Choose your burners wisely

If you’re cooking on a standard four burner stove, remember that little fingers can probably reach the front burners. Consider cooking on the back burners whenever possible. Additionally, you can effectively reduce the number of objects they can grasp by turning any cooking pots so that the handles are toward the back of the stove.

Install safety guards

While some stove manufacturers place the controls for all heating elements on the top rear section of the stove (where tiny hands can’t reach them), some are located towards the front of the stove – well within a child’s reach.

Consider purchasing after-market safety guards to cover burner knobs or shield buttons from our tiny, eager kitchen helpers.

Always supervise

Of course it goes without saying, but you should NEVER leave young children unattended in the kitchen while the stove is in use. It only takes an instant for a heartbreaking tragedy to occur. 

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