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Uneven Home TemperaturesKeeping your home at a comfortable temperature for everyone living in it can sometimes be a challenge.

For some, a thermostat set at 70 degrees means a sweater at all times. While for others, it means shedding the extra layers.

But what about uneven home temperatures when moving from room to room?

There are numerous reasons why you may be experiencing those pesky variations in temperature throughout your home. In older homes, this may be due to an older single-stage furnace which is no longer efficient by today’s efficiency standards.

However, some problems with uneven temperatures can be easily fixed by addressing these (likely) smaller culprits:

Check air dampers and registers

Air dampers and registers allow you to restrict or increase air-flow and control the climate in each individual room of your home.

Check dampers and registers each season to ensure there aren’t any obstructions (such as furniture). Also inspect the registers and make sure they’re clean and that the volume dampers are set to the desired positions.

Replace furnace filter regularly

While it may not be high on your priority list, a clean filter sure is a top priority for your furnace.

Nip this temperature and poor air-flow culprit in the bud with Pronto’s Filters to Your Door Club, which will ensure the right filter is delivered to your door at just the right time (every month, 6 months, or once a year – you decide). Sign up today, and save yourself a trip out into the cold!

Have a professional evaluate your duct system

In order for your heating and air conditioning system to operate efficiently, quietly and distribute consistent temperatures throughout the home, your duct system must be sized and installed properly. If you have rooms that always seem to be too hot or too cold, you may have a situation where the original ductwork in the home is not sufficient.

Don’t live with those uncomfortable rooms – ask a heating professional for help! Many heating contractors will even provide a free estimate.

And remember: Always perform annual furnace and air conditioner cleaning and maintenance for just $91 a visit.

Check for insufficient insulation

Insulation is an important component in preserving home temperature and keeping those temperatures constant throughout your home. With properly installed insulation, your floors, ceilings, and walls will stay warmer in the winter and cooler over the summer months.

If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures, check to see whether your existing insulation could be enhanced, or if new installation can be installed where none exists.

Inspect remodels and additions

If you’ve remodeled or put an addition on your home since your furnace was installed, a change in layout could also be the cause for uneven temperatures.

If this is the case, consider having an HVAC expert inspect your home so they can ensure your existing system is sufficient to heat and cool the new space with maximum efficiency.


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