Whole-Home Aprilaire Humidifiers: Reduce (Static) Shock & Improve Your Health

Whole-Home Humidifiers: Reduce (Static) Shock & Improve Your HealthUnfortunately, winter isn’t over yet. (Notice the squirrels are still getting fat at the bird feeders…) And when we don’t have to go out, we prefer the warmth and comfort of our homes.

Which means the furnace is running more. And that it’s the time of year when kids may think it’s hilarious to “zap” other family members and send miniature bolts of lightning racing from person-to-person.

All the more reason to invest in a whole-home humidifier to better regulate the humidity levels in your home. And here’s why…

Static electricity is a symptom of dry, warm air. Overly dry air is a problem for humans because, like many other animals, we require a certain amount of humidity. (The Mayo Clinic, for instance, recommends home humidity levels between 30 and 50%.)

Besides static electricity, dry heated air is also responsible for cracking skin, lips, and nasal passages. In ideal conditions, these tissues are our first defense against disease, but once they’re cracked, it’s like having a hole in the outer wall of a fortress that allows all kinds of microscopic viruses and bacteria to invade.

Another symptom of dry air is that your furniture can dry out, too. Think about what happens to a piece of wood when it dries. It shrinks. Then when it becomes humid again, it will expand. Shrinking and expanding wear on your furniture visibly and may also, given time, crack it. This also applies to other things in your home such as books and acoustic music instruments.

On the other hand, have you ever noticed that if you visit a warm, humid climate, that the temperature can be lower than you would set your thermostat in the winter, but it feels very comfortable anyway? It isn’t just because you’re on vacation. Humidity maximizes the efficiency of the warmth. In other words, a proper humidity level keeps us feeling warmer at lower temperatures. And when you apply this to your own home, you’ll discover that your thermostat doesn’t have to be set quite as high when you maintain the humidity.

An Aprilaire humidifier can be installed to help keep your entire home at an optimal humidity level throughout the winter. Though your kids may be disappointed that they can’t shock you so easily, you’ll likely enjoy better health, your furniture will thank you, and you’ll save energy by keeping the thermostat set a little lower.

Does your humidifier need some TLC? Schedule a humidifier tune-up to help it run more efficiently.